🎉 Karmen closes a new €50M debt raise!
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Instant cash for your business

Our various financing products provide immediate funds to grow your digital business.


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Customized financing fully adapted to your company's growth needs

A solution for digital companies


Finance your inventory, marketing and recruiting needs with fast ROI

"Karmen's debt line allowed us to buy our inventory in large quantities, so at more competitive prices. We were also able to double our Google Ads and Facebook budgets. Plus, with Karmen's flexible repayment schedule based on our revenue, we have peace of mind in slower business times.

CFO e-Commerce company with 1.4M€ annual turnover


Finance your marketing and recruitment needs to boost your growth

"We've been looking for financing for a long time to support our growth without diluting our business, but the options are limited, time-consuming and the financial players didn't understand our model. With Karmen I connected my accounts and got a financing offer. I received the funds in less than two days.

Co-founder & CEO SaaS Bootstrapped with 70K€ of MRR


Finance your working capital needs with ease

"Aswe generated growth, we had a growing WCR, preventing us from realizing our full potential. Banks were having a hard time positioning themselves for working capital financing. The Karmen team understood our needs and challenges. Now we have a financial partner we can rely on for the long term."

Co-founder & CEO B2B start-up, Series A of 850K€.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Karmen's eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for our funding, you must have at least :

- 9 months of commercial activity

- 300 000€ of income over the last 12 months

- Company or entity based in France

What is Karmen?

Karmen is the leader in Revenue Based Financing for all digital businesses.
Karmen is a non-dilutive growth financing solution for SaaS, e-commerce, service companies, marketplaces and mobile applications.

Can I use my Karmen funding as I wish?

Absolutely. You are 100% free to use the growth capital funded by Karmen as you wish.

Is there a fee for applying for funding?

No, the Karmen funding application is free. It only takes a few minutes to register and your funding application can be approved within 48 hours.

Where does my Karmen funding come from?

Karmen recently raised €50 million in debt from Fasanara Capital.

That's why Karmen offers competitive financing terms.

Read our press release for more details.

How does Karmen work?

1. Apply for funding from Karmen.

2. Log in to the Karmen app so we can analyze your company's data.

3. Receive a financing offer in less than 48 hours and use your financing freely to expand.

4. Pay back according to the sales you generate.

5. Repeat as your business grows.

How much does a Karmen financing cost?

Unlike banks, Karmen financing operates without interest rates

We take a fixed and transparent commission on the total amount financed.
The commission varies between 3 and 8%, depending on the amount, the repayment period (12 months maximum) and the score of your company.

No guarantees or hidden fees.

With Karmen, you'll always have a clear picture of your financing cost and payment schedule before you sign anything.

We have funded over 100 companies like yours.

Manon - Co-founder
Brioli - Co-founder
Romain Quillot - Co-founder

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