Drive your business with cash


Manage your cash flow in real time


Gain visibility over your incoming/outgoing flows


Improve your decision-making with forecasting scenarios

Karmen Forecast

Are you satisfied with your Excel budget forecasts?

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Complex use
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Obsolete and unreliable data
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Time-consuming update
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Impossible decision making

Make your life easier with Karmen Forecast

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Connect your banks in a few clicks
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Save time with smart labeling
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Quickly create predictive scenarios
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Make decisions based on reliable data
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Simply control your company's finances

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Easy to use
Connect your banks in a few clicks, quickly categorize your transactions.
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Data reliability
Analyze your cash flows based on past flows. Anticipate your future flows.
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Decision making
Simply create forecast scenarios and compare them to actual figures to better anticipate your cash flow
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Karmen Forecast has become an everyday tool for me in just a few days!
It's very intuitive and easy to use.
Ideal for cash management, so much more practical than Excel.
Caroline, Co-founder @ Tiniloo