How Karmen works ?

Turn your monthly subscriptions into upfront cash.
With Karmen, finance your growth, on your terms.

Connect your business information to Karmen through APIs.

Karmen connects with 4 types of integrations: transactional, accounting and banking, and analytics to better understand your business.


Karmen analyses your data and issues several funding offers within days.

Karmen will issue you a tailored funding proposal, based on your customer and growth metrics so you can scale your business.

Stay in control, you decide which offer is best for you.

Karmen is aligned with your interests - we’re neither investors, nor bankers. You decide how much you need and how to pay it back.


Receive your funding and grow.

Use your new funding to scale and grow your business, on your terms.

Payback as you earn. Repeat as you please.

Repay your Karmen balance every month, based on your payback terms, as a small percentage of gross sales. Repeat to scale more.