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Understand everything about Karmen financing with explanations as clear and transparent as our financing. The answers to your questions, that's all.

4 minutes to understand everything about Karmen funding.

1. General

What is Karmen?

Karmen is the Revenue Based Financing solution in France.
We offer a new financing solution, designed for tech companies.
We analyze your company's data and offer you financing in 48 hours, up to 5M€, to meet your growth ambitions.

What is the purpose of Karmen funding?

Karmen financing allows digital companies to access instant growth capital, without capital dilution.

Karmen is the answer to all your cash flow and short-term ROI financing needs.

For example, our clients use Karmen to finance their:
- Customer acquisition
- Marketing campaign budget
- Inventory
- Advance invoices
- Recruitment
- Working capital requirements

What is the difference between Karmen and a bank?

Putting together a file and accessing a bank loan is a very time-consuming process, whereas applying for Karmen financing takes only a few minutes and the funds are released within 48 hours.

In addition, Karmen does not charge an interest rate but a commission on the total amount financed.
The cost of financing is clear and there are no hidden fees, Karmen bears the entire risk and takes no guarantees.

What is the difference between Karmen funding and fundraising?

The fundraising process is very time consuming and distracts founders from their business activities. In contrast, Karmen's funding application takes only minutes and funds are released within 48 hours so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

In addition, raising funds involves diluting capital, an ongoing cost to the company and the founders.
Karmen financing is non-dilutive, allowing you to finance your growth sustainably over the long term.

Is it possible to obtain Karmen financing in addition to a fundraising or bank loan?

Absolutely, that's even what we advise our clients to mobilize as much cash as possible, and to use non-dilutive financing as much as possible.

Karmen is a non-dilutive financing leverage to add to your financing structure just like a grant or a bank loan.

2. Eligibility

For which companies is Karmen financing best suited? 

Karmen is particularly suited to growth financing ( short-term ROI activities) of tech companies such as E-Commerce, SaaS, Marketplaces, Mobile Apps, and other digital business services.

What are the Karmen eligibility criteria?

The Karmen eligibility criteria are as follows:

- Company headquarters in mainland France
- Minimum 9 months of marketing history
- More than €300k in annual sales
- The company must have positive shareholders' equity
‍- No URSSAF liens
- No unpaid debts on the company
- All managers must have a clean PCL (Procédure Collective de Liquidation) history.

Does Karmen fund business launches?

No, Karmen finances companies with at least 9 months of commercial activity.

My company seems eligible, how much funding can I get through Karmen?

For your first application, we can finance up to 40% of your annual turnover, up to a maximum of 5M€.

3. Funding process

How long does it take to get my first Karmen funding?

Once you have made your financing request (about 15 minutes), our teams will take 1 to 10 working days to determine your eligibility and work out the financing terms with you.
Once the offer has been accepted, the funds are sent directly to your account within 48 hours.

How do I apply for Karmen funding?

1. Make your financing request to Karmen(2 minutes)
2. We will contact you within 24 hours of your request.
3. Connect your banks and tools to the Karmen app. Thanks to open banking, Karmen integrates natively with your existing banks and tools in a few clicks.
4. Receive your financing proposal with a clear payment schedule.
5. Get the funds directly into your bank account.
6. Repeat the process as you grow.

Is there a charge for the application and eligibility analysis?

No, the application and analysis are totally free. You don't pay anything until you sign with us.

What are the repayment terms for Karmen financing?

Repayment is made:
- either in fixed monthly instalments (first instalment 30 days after receipt of funds)
- or in variable repayment according to the turnover achieved.

4. Cost of financing

How does Karmen earns money?

We take a commission on the total amount financed (and not an interest rate as for a bank loan) so that it has the least possible impact on your cash flow:

For example, if we finance 1M€ at 1%, you will receive 990,000€ and you will repay us 1M€.

Thus, the cost of financing is carried on the last monthly payment, when you have already achieved growth.

What is the cost of Karmen financing?

The cost of financing is in the form of a commission on the total amount financed. This commission varies between 3 and 8%.

How is the commission calculated?

The commission is calculated according to the amount financed, the repayment period (24 months maximum) and the company's level of risk.

No collateral is required, and we guarantee financing with no hidden costs.

5. Advanced financing information

What is the maximum amount I can get for my first financing?

For your first application, we can finance up to 40% of your annual turnover, up to a maximum of 5M€.

What are the minimum and maximum financing terms?

The minimum financing period is 3 months.

The maximum financing period is 24 months.

Where does the money Karmen lends come from?

Karmen recently raised €50 million in debt from Fasanara Capital.
As a result, Karmen offers the most competitive financing terms in the market.
Read our press release for more details.

Is it possible to use Karmen several times?

Yes, that's even what we recommend.

Rather than using a single large financing (and thus paying a commission on money that is sleeping) we encourage our clients to use several smaller financing amounts, proportional to your short-term growth needs, for tailored financial support.

How is the funding delivered to me?

The funding is paid to you by bank transfer, directly into your company's account.

Are there any limits to how I can spend the funds? 

No. You are free to use the money as you wish.

6. Data and security

What data does Karmen need to determine my company's eligibility?

We connect to your corporate bank accounts via our open banking partner solution (Bridge) in order to get an overview of financial flows and transactions.

Why do I need to connect my banks?

We must have a comprehensive financial view of your company's financial health to determine its eligibility.

We are required to stay connected for the duration of the financing to adjust our financing as needed and ensure we are in compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing.

Does Karmen have access to my bank accounts?

The implementation ofOpen Banking (mandatory for all banks following the new PSD2 regulation) allows us to have a vision on your banking transactions.
We cannot execute any operation on your accounts.

Is my data secure?

Yes, all data shared with Karmen is encrypted and secure throughout its use until it is deleted.

Will my data be sold to third parties?

Karmen is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your data.
Your data will be used exclusively by us and will never be exported or sold to third parties.