New : KARMEN Factor, finance your B2B customer invoices in just a few clicks

Give your customers access to financing directly on your platform in a few clicks

We integrate ourselves into your solution to finance your customers and support them in the development of their businesses.

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Embedded Financing Karmen

Smart capital for your community

Our solution is fast, flexible and API-based so your customers can finance themselves with just a few clicks

Generate additional income

Through our revenue sharing program for our partners

Improve your customer retention

Differentiate your offer from your competitors. Help your customers to grow, and accompany them on the long term

Solve your customers' cash flow problems with Karmen

Karmen on Qonto financing hub
Example : Karmen x Qonto
See how Karmen integrates with Qonto
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An integrated financing solution made easy

Customized integration

From a simple co-branded landing page to a complete API, Karmen adapts to your processes and resources


Data collection and automated credit analysis by API, financing granted in 48 hours.


Karmen meets all your customers' financing needs: WCR, invoice payment, inventory... 


Native and simple integration into your user journey

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Integration with your existing model


Connect via the API to collect scoring data and apply for financing instantly


Karmen launches data analysis and formulates its financing offer to the customer within 24 hours


The funds are sent directly to the company's bank account within 48 hours and the operation can be repeated as and when required

Help your clients to access financing themselves

+27% increase in sales

observed by our customers 3 months after the financing

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