The French fintech confirms its role as a leader in Revenue Based Financing in France by making its non-dilutive financing offer available to all STATION F entrepreneurs!

New stage

A partnership with STATION F's Perks programme is a great step forward for the Karmen team: we will be able to directly support start-ups, young and old, from the world's largest start-up campus. 

This is where Karmen, the specialist in Revenue Based Financing for digital companies, will be able to operate! And more precisely thanks to one of its programs, accessible (and popular) by all its entrepreneurs: the Perks program.

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What is the Perks programme?

This is a 2017 initiative that STATION F is known for as it gives campus entrepreneurs access to special offers and discounts negotiated directly by STATION F teams. The first offer was actually with Airbnb: free coupons for entrepreneurs going abroad, to raise funds or meet prospects. With great success, as you can imagine!

These "perks" are designed to meet the real needs of the start-up campus and are specially selected and negotiated for STATION F start-ups. They include offers to improve the comfort of life for entrepreneurs (housing, mobility, sport, etc.) but above all to help them in their professional life.

And so it is through this intermediary that the non-dilutive funding support offered by Karmen joins other companies offering benefits negotiated specifically for STATION F start-ups: Notion, AWS, GitHub, Crunchbase, Aircall, Alibaba Cloud, Qonto, etc.

Karmen's perk for STATION F startups!

Amongst these 150+ services and tools, Karmen has its place! Our start-up responds to a crucial issue for start-up founders: financing.

The main advantage of revenue-based financing is that it allows you to finance the growth of a start-up without diluting the capital of its founders. This is called non-dilutive financing.

All entrepreneurs, from STATION F or elsewhere, seek this type of financing. Entrepreneurs who do not raise funds, the so-called "bootstrapped" entrepreneurs, find it a way to grow without losing control and independence. It is often their first means of financing. Other entrepreneurs, who are not raising funds immediately or have just raised funds, look to Revenue Based Financing as a way of supplementing their funding and smoothing out their cash flow, without further diluting their capital with constant fundraising.

For all these companies the process is simple: they register on the Karmen platform and share their documents and financial information with us very quickly, thanks to our internal system that allows us to aggregate data from all the classic invoicing, accounting and other software. And we give them a quick answer to help finance their growth, between €20k and €2M, depending on the financial information assessed by our proprietary risk algorithm.

So we cater for all types of business trajectories, which is why the world's largest start-up campus has found it appropriate to include us in its basket of essential services for its entrepreneurs.

As such, we are including two additional benefits in our offer specifically for the Perks programme. STATION F start-ups will not have to pay any commission on their first €20k of funding. This is particularly attractive for young start-ups! We are also committed to treating requests from STATION F entrepreneurs as a priority, with an offer within 48 hours in response to their information sharing. They also benefit from VIP support throughout the process.


Ces avantages résument bien l’attractivité du Revenue Based Financing de Karmen : un financement très rapide (< 48h), tout en finançant directement la croissance de l’entreprise.

This partnership with STATION F's Perks programme is a great step forward. It is an ecosystem that has everything to gain from our offer. We are therefore delighted to be able to present this non-dilutive method of financing at STATION F. And if your company is not based there, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

About Station F

Founded by Xavier Niel and run by Roxanne Varza, its 34,000 sqm in the heart of Paris opened in 2017. The aim is clear: to bring together all the services that entrepreneurs may need. In addition to office space, start-ups housed in the 30 or so support and incubation programmes benefit from workshops, mentoring, help finding interns, a specific post office and a privileged access point to public administrations. Big Mamma's La Felicita restaurant fills the Chill Zone, a space for both rest and hospitality, between restaurant, bar and coworking. It is the largest restaurant in Europe!

STATION F also offers affordable housing in Ivry-sur-Seine under the Flatmates brand, and directly manages two support programmes, the Founders Program and the Fighters Program. All programmes combined, more than 1,000 start-ups are incubated and supported on the campus. The campus has even launched its own 100% online support programme with Launch.