Karmen joins France Fintech and wins the "economic recovery" award at Fintech R:evolution 2021.

France Fintech is the professional association of reference for French start-ups and scale-ups in the field of fintech, insurtech and regtech. Karmen joined France Fintech in June 2021 and participated in the Fintech R:evolution event on 14 October 2021. During this event, Karmen won the France Fintech award for "Economic Recovery". Here is a video review of the day.

Karmen's pitch at Fintech R:evolution

Gabriel Thierry is the co-founder and CEO of Karmen. Karmen is a Revenue Based Financing solution for digital businesses.

Karmen's non-dilutive financing allows them to turn their monthly subscriptions (MRR) into immediate cash flow, within 48 hours and without dilution.

In this video, Gabriel explains how Karmen's solution works, with fast and flexible financing.

The "Economic Recovery" award, won by Karmen

Relive the France Fintech award ceremony given to Karmen by Alain Clot, President of the France Fintech association and Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer of Société Générale.

At Karmen, our mission is to re-invent corporate lending through Revenue Based Financing. Non-dilutive, 100% digital financing, available in 48 hours.

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