Recruiting: our tips to help you hire

Find people who can easily integrate a corporate corporate culture culture while contributing effectively to the functioning of the organization is a challenge challenge.

The recruitment is the result of a relatively complex process that requires rigor, strategy and planning.

The tips provided in this article will help you optimize your recruitment strategy to hire with with successfully. A way for you to start the year 2023 as it should be with successful teams!

Why has hiring become such a big issue? 

Recruiting and retaining talent is surely the biggest challenge in human resources. The reason is simple: candidates hold all the cards in the current job market. 

Indeed, they can easily find a job that meets their needs, and they are often reluctant to accept a job if they do not see, for example, specific prospects for promotion.

Employers must rethink their approach to talent acquisition, retention, engagement and mobility to keep their workforce competitive.

A shortage of talent

Currently, the biggest challenge in recruitment isa talent shortage. The struggle to find enough people to hire has moved to the forefront of concerns. It is the key factor for companies to achieve their growth objectives.

Employers need to be creative in their recruitment strategy. They can no longer rely on traditional methods such as job postings and employee referrals. 

Instead, they need to focus on the candidate experience while ensuring that their application process is simple and streamlined.

Passive candidates 

The second challenge in recruiting comes down to candidate passivity... According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive candidates, meaning they are not actively looking for a job, but rather are possibly considering a new opportunity, if presented.

To attract passive candidates, employers must focus on their employer brand. They need to make sure they are promoting their company as a proactive, healthy and employee-friendly workplace. 

More intense competition

The third challenge in recruitment is increased competition

With the talent shortage, employers are competing for a smaller pool of candidates. As a result, they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and ensure that their company is the one that candidates want to work for.

There are many ways to achieve this. Today's candidates want to work for companies that value them and their experience. They want to know that their voice will be heard and that they will have the opportunity to grow and develop in their role.

To improve the candidate experience, employers must focus on creating an effective recruitment process. They should also focus on creating a positive company culture that values employee feedback and input.

Inefficient recruitment processes

With the talent shortage, employers can't afford to waste time with candidates who don't fit the job. 

Unfortunately, many recruitment processes are still manual and time-consuming. Employers are spending more time than ever on recruiting, but they are not getting the results they want.

To solve this problem, employers need to invest in recruitment technology. Many applicant tracking systems in the marketplace can help employers automate their recruiting process.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help employers post jobs on multiple sites with a single click, track candidates through the hiring process and even schedule interviews. 

What is a TTY?
The ATS is a system for managing and tracking applications.

Lack of employer brand 

In today's job market, candidates have more choices than ever. They can easily search for companies and compare different employers. This means that employers need to make sure that their company is the one that stands out.

To improve their employer brand, companies need to focus on their online presence. They need to make sure their website is up to date and that they are active on social media. They should also create content that showcases their company's culture and values .

The importance of the talent pool 

It's no longer enough to post a job and hope the right candidates apply. Employers must be proactive in their recruiting efforts and build talent pools full of qualified candidates. 

There are several ways to do this. Employers can create targeted campaigns that focus on specific candidate personas. They can also use employee referrals and social networks to reach passive candidates. 

Finally, they may consider using recruitment agencies to help them find the best talent for their vacancies.

10 Tips to Help You Hire

1. Choose the right ATS and CRM

Investing in the right recruitment ATS and CRM is the most important tool in your daily life and the key to structuring your recruitment process more efficiently. With a suitable and configurable solution for managing talent and candidate flow, you can continuously optimize every step of the recruitment process.

What is a CRM?
A CRM is a strategy for managing a company's relationships and interactions with its customers and potential future customers

2. Refine, standardize and automate the recruitment process 

By taking the time to analyze the candidate journey, it is possible to identify and remove bottlenecks, to find where automation can save you time

3. Choose the right recruitment tools

With the multitude of integrations and point solutions out there, your recruitment technology tools can be difficult to navigate. 

Switching from one tool, tab or application to another often creates unnecessary friction that slows downthe whole process.

While it is not yet possible to use one tool for all aspects of the recruitment workflow, some integrated solutions minimize the need for multiple tools (which may or may not work effectively together).

4. Adopt a data-driven approach 

In a world where nearly every industry is leveraging the business benefits of Big Data, the right analytics can improve and accelerate recruitment decision-making at every level.

By leveraging information about the time it takes to fill a specific type of position or to complete a particular step in the recruitment process, you can identify potential time-saving alternatives.

5. Fill a talent pool in advance

The benefit of deploying the right ATS is that you can create a talent pool for future recruitment. 

Based on business needs and objectives, this database is essential to facilitate and streamline your search at the right time to hire. It is a ready-made source of candidates that you can turn to at key times.

6. Hire faster with Muzzo

One way to speed up the hiring process is to improve your sourcing efforts before recruiting begins. Specialized recruitment marketplaces can help you recruit easily and qualitatively thanks to their headhunter networks. This is a way for you to use your cash flow wisely since this service is totally profitable as you don't waste time hiring variable profiles. 

Muzzo is a recruitment marketplace that connects employers with the best headhunters. Believing that to hire the best candidates, you need to actively seek them out, Muzzo offers you the opportunity to access the resources andexpertise needed to find and convince those candidates.

If you want to save time by contacting the best recruitment players directly, we strongly advise you to turn to Muzzoa promising recruitment player!

7. Provide a better candidate experience

As with your company's brand, you need to ensure that potential candidateshave a consistent and positive experience at every touchpoint. 

This means that everything from your job page to your communication during the recruiting process must be consistent with your brand image and appealing to your audience to reduce the likelihood that candidates will drop out.

8. Improve job postings

Another absolutely essential point of contact for candidates is thejob offer itself. If you want to get the best possible match for the position, you need to make sure it is honest, attractive and targeted to your ideal candidate.

Providing lists of essential and desirable qualifications and experience allows you to cast the net a little wider. 

By focusing on the talent you are targeting, you may have fewer interested parties, but those candidates are more likely to be a good fit for the position, reducing the number of applications you have to sort through.

9. Streamline evaluation

Regardless of the type of assessment you use to screen candidates, keep in mind that it can add days to your recruitment process. 

Be selective about which ones you use to make the hire. An ATS system with the ability to create custom filters can be another way to speed up the selection process

10. Shorten the interview process 

Do you really need three rounds of interviews? A simple way to reduce the time to hire is to optimize the selection process and automate the scheduling of interviews

By conducting fewer interviews or reducing the time between them, you can significantly accelerate talent acquisition.

How to finance your next recruitments?

Launching recruitments is not the most complex task you will face in the management of your company. On the other hand, finding a source of financing to carry out these recruitment sessions is no small matter!

Fortunately, today there are fast and fun financing solutions that allow you to acquire the funds needed for that recruitment project, all for a secure cash flow over time. Revenue Based Financing is in the top 1.

The RBF is a non-dilutive loan

The major comparative advantage of the FBR is its speed and the non-dilution of the capital. Indeed, unlike a fund raising, the RBF is a non-dilutive solution.

But what is capital dilution? Dilution is when a company has to give a part of its share capital against investment. The increase of the capital realized with an issue of new shares will generate this dilution.

The major disadvantage of dilution is that the entrepreneur at the helm loses decision-making power. The issuance of new shares will create new voting and decision-making rights for the new investors.

This dilution, therefore, leads to a lower return per share.

Karmen avoids this dilution while being a fast and digitalized solution. 

How do I get a quick loan as a business from Karmen? 

Indeed, Karmen allows digital companies to finance their growth in a non-dilutive way and very quickly. Your cash flow will be secured and stabilized over time.

At Karmen, the investor has no direct ownership in the business and does not require fixed payments. Payments will be based on the company's revenue . Karmen uses a tool to anticipate the future revenues of a business.

In concrete terms, if your income decreases during a month, the royalties to Karmen will be reduced proportionally . Conversely, if the company's revenues increase drastically during a month, the royalties will increase simultaneously.

Karmen offers an alternative to fundraising that allows more companies to finance themselves.

Indeed, Karmen does not have any particular requirement on a business sector or an ultra-tech product as a venture capital fund may have.

Getting a quick loan is the essence of Karmen's offer, as a business can receive cash in less than 48 hours

With an ever-changing job market, employers need to be prepared for anything. The best way to do this is to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in recruitment. 

You must be able to adapt quickly and meet all the challenges that come your way. 

Finally, once you have found your talent, don't forget to do everything possible to retain them within your company !