You are looking to optimize your start-up's cash managementand you don't know which tool to choose? Driven by the increasing digitalization of the last few years, the financial aspect has been equipped with a multitude of collaborative, intuitive but also precise tools. The choice of treasury tool differs according to the needs of the users and the size of the company. Let's discover the best tools classified by Karmen, a start-up specialized in Revenue Based Financingto guide you in your choices as we approach the beginning of the year 2023 !

How to manage your cash flow?

Cash management is essential for any business structure (start-up, SME, VSE), as it sets the conditions for its survival, but above all for the development of its activity or activities.

To be able to monitor available cash, define financial forecasts, but also to plan for future projects, it is very useful to be able to keep track of all your cash

The cash flow software will essentially allow you to visualize the available cash in your company. Keeping a close eye on your resources can prevent you from risking a possible cash shortage.

With software, you are aware of your financial resources in real time and you can anticipate your Working Capital Requirement (WCR). 

Treasury software is a real plus over Excel spreadsheets, which may work fine in the early days of your business, but still have limitations.

The software allows you to have a clear view on your cash flow, and especially to have a solid vision of your business. With any cash flow software, you will be able to look for a set of key features for your business. Among those,

  • Monitoring of cash receipts and disbursements;
  • Apreventive alert system;
  • Obtaining reliable bank data ;
  • Automated bank reconciliation ;
  • Cash flow forecasts ;
  • Etc.
The best management tools
The best management tools

Ranking of the best cash management tools


Thanks to Soan, business owners can finally focus on what matters to them: their business. Launched in 2018 by 3 entrepreneurs, Soan helps simplify the entire financial management of a business. Soan is the 1ʳᵉ European platform to get paid and pay your suppliers in two clicks. It allows a precise follow-up of the invoicing and a real time vision of your cash flow thanks to the personalized dashboard.

Available in Saas, their cash management offer allows you to make all your quotes and invoices. Thanks to their 4 innovative, secure and commission-free payment methods, you can get paid by your customers wherever you are. A payment link is sent to your customers after each invoice is issued. Your customers can pay you immediately by IBAN-free transfer, 3x direct debit without fees, credit card or via a discount.

Their customers save 10 hours per week of administrative work and save 40 days on their payment terms. You import all your documents and have them signed electronically, then you get paid, in just 2 clicks! In addition, the platform is commission-free on your transactions: you collect 100% of your turnover.


E-Finances is a French company, more precisely located in Nantes and existing since 2011, which publishes and integrates financial management solutions. It offers several management software, including cash management.

You will also find the banking communicationYou will also find the bank communication, the bank reconciliation, the financing management, the accounting lettering and the management of the customer item.

Overall, this is a company that offers software that is easy to use and implement with very rich functionality, as well as a set of expert advice in the form of fact sheets. One small negative point is that it is impossible to synchronise with other accounting software

Their "E-Treasury" solution is a full web software, which automatically integrates account statements to optimize daily management. In the program, you will find an automation of the forecasts, a follow-up of the budgets of as well as analyses and reportings.

This software is available as SaaS but also as a licence. It is primarily targeted at managers, treasurers, accountants and administrative and financial managers of companies of all sizes.


Exalog is a French company created in 1984 that specializes in the publishing of payment and cash management software.

In particular, their solution Exabanque is a cash management software, published since 1995, dedicated to French SMEs with accounts domiciled in Europe.

It is a software that allows you to manage payments, receipts, cash flow and accounting reconciliation. This software is only available as SaaS via the Internet or on mobile (Android & iOS). 

Their solution offers a multi-bank connection, an unlimited number offree users, maximum security, as well as rapid implementation and training.


Fygr was founded in France in 2019, and has been marketing a cash flow management and forecasting solution for start-ups, VSEs and SMEs since 2020. Their software is able to automatically build your cash flow projections.

Fygr allows you to aggregate all your bank accounts on a single platform. It also differentiates itself by a rigorous and fast follow-up, pushed by algorithms, in a personalised way.

It is a solution that is particularly recommended for younger companies that want to set up asimple and quick cash flow monitoring system.Fygr offers different rates.

Intuit - Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a cloud-based management solution from the American publisher Intuit that allows French entrepreneurs to manage their business and automate their accounting. It is a software used today by more than 4.5 million companies worldwide. 

Quickbooks allows you to manage the billingQuickbooks allows you to manage your sales, expenses, cash flow and recurring operations, while providing dashboards and profitability monitoring.

Available as a SaaS, their cash management offering allows for real-time monitoring through a secure connection with your bank.

Dashboards are available for your commercial, analytical, accounting and financial monitoring, on a customisable scale, and automatically updated. 

With three different packages depending on the size of your company and the number of users you want, the offers are very complete. There is 24/7 customer support and help with getting started, as well as webinars and tutorials to assist you.

The software allows unlimited sending and personalised commercial follow-up of your quotes and invoices, reminds you of unpaid invoices through alerts and also aggregates your bank accounts through a secure connection. A set of reports are also available. 

If you opt for a more premium package, you will unlock module-based expense management and simplified tracking and management of your expenses in detail.

You will also be able toadd users, have access to continuously updated cash flow forecasts, andautomate recurringoperations.

With the 'Plus' package, you will finally have access to budget management, analytical reports on your accounts, and simplified re-invoicing


RocketChart is a French company which, since 2020, has been marketing a cash flow management and forecasting software, aimed at managers of companies with less than fifty employees.

Powered by Sellsy, RocketChart 's cash management software focuses on time savings, synchronization and simulations to generate more reliable cash flow forecasts. 

In concrete terms, the software first allows you to synchronise all your bank accounts, before creating your own classification categories, as well as automating all your transactions.

With just one click, you can check your Budget vs. Actual performance, and also import your invoices from Sellsy in real time.

As a very intuitive tool, RocketChart allows you to make preventions by adding simulations, to assign operations in a very simple way, and includes all the functionalities expected in a cash management software. 


Agicap is a SaaS solution that helps executives and CFOs automate their cash management on a single interface. Their mission: to facilitate analysis and decision making.

With Agicap Cashflow, manage your cash flow without error: synchronize your cash inflows and outflows in real time with all your bank accounts and business tools.

With Agicap Payment, pay your suppliers in one click: automatically collect your invoices, view your due dates on your cash flow plan and pay your suppliers on the same interface.

With Agicap CashCollect, get paid: centralize all your customer invoices, visualize due dates and late payments on your cash flow and automate your customer reminders.

If you are looking to take your cash management to the next level, we strongly advise you to contact Agicap to discover and test their ergonomic, flexible and collaborative interface!

RCA Consulting - TurboPilot

Based on the Bassin d'Arcachon, in Arès, and founded in 2006, RCA Consulting is a company of consultants and software editors, aimed at chartered accountants, in order to facilitate the management and organisation of accounting firms.

They develop and publish the TurboPilot cash management software, which is aimed at very small businesses, SMEs, as well as accountants and consultants. 

Their 100% web-based solution saves valuable time by automating the cash flow in 15 minutes and by providing automated indicators for better forecasting. In particular: 

  • Turnover, margins, MIS, net income, WCR ;
  • Due from customers & suppliers & follow-up ;
  • Number of customers, average basket ;
  • Bank balances & consolidation ;
  • Control of income and expenses.

The software, which is totally collaborative, also offers three years of forecasts, estimates of VAT payable and an up-to-date and instantaneous visualisation of your cash flow. TurboPilot' s main aim is to support businesses on a daily basis, to help them emerge from the crisis and bounce back.

Cash management software is essential today to gain efficiency, visibility and time to manage your business, regardless of its size.

Given the number of software packages available on the market, there are many criteria to consider when making your choice, and the functionality offered is more than sufficient.

What better way to find out which one is right for you than to try it out? Check out the free demos and trials of the above software!