Entrepreneurship is on the rise, and so are podcasts about it. With over 1.95 million podcasts available worldwide, many of them about entrepreneurship, it can be difficult to sort through them. We've put together a list of the most useful SaaS podcasts to save you time. Whether you want to go behind the scenes of SaaS, keep up to date with the latest news or are looking for inspiration and practical tips, this (non-exhaustive) list is for you.  

SaaS podcasts 

"By 2025, software as a service (SaaS) will become the preferred consumption model for open source software" according to Gartner's Hype Cycle for Open-Source Software 2021. To be part of these SaaS must-haves, we bring you the best SaaS podcasts that will allow you to get informed, learn and learn from the greatest founders. 

4 Saas podcasts to discover
SaaS Podcasts

1. SaaS Connection (FR)

SaaS connection is the podcast that will take you on a journey through the world of SaaS. Alex Delivet, its founder, goes on a weekly basis to meet SaaS entrepreneurs in search of their best advice, their successes but also their failures in order to share actionable knowledge for his listeners. Alex Delivet re-establishes the "connection" between all the actors of the French-speaking SaaS world. In this podcast, we talk about marketing and sales as well as product and technology. 

Notable guests: Jonathan Angelov co-founder of Aircall, Mickael Froger co-founder of Lengow, Nicolas Dessaigne co-founder of Algolia.

And above all: don't miss Gabriel Thierry, CEO of Karmen, on Revenue Based Financing as an alternative financing method for SaaS

Frequency: weekly 

Duration: about 1 hour

Founder: With a background in sales, Alex Delivet also learned to code. Before founding Collect, Alex founded B2B Rocks, a technology conference dedicated to B2B and SaaS startups. He is also the curator of the Startup Digest newsletter for Paris and one of the founders of DrinkEntrepreneurs. 

2. SaaS Club (FR)

Every week, SaaS Club brings you into the privileged club of entrepreneurs who have cooked up their SaaS experiences. Their mantra: share the best winning recipes of French entrepreneurs "who have done it". Every week, Eric concocts the best advice for creating, managing and scaling a SaaS startup. He welcomes numerous guests who explain how to transform an idea into a SaaS worth several thousand euros, find the first clients (and the next ones) and scale without burning your wings. 

Notable guests: Jean Moreau CEO of Phenix, Pierre Dutaret CEO of Libeo, Raphaël Di Meglio co-founder of Matera

Frequency: weekly 

Duration: about 1 hour

Founder: Eric Seclet, a former military officer, discovered the world of SaaS and entrepreneurship when he worked in investment banking. Passionate about this subject, his goal is to accompany and help SaaS players or future entrepreneurs by making this world accessible to all and by providing valuable advice. Now freelance, he has a copywriting activity for SaaS software such as Freebe.

3. Boostrapped stories (EN)

Thanks to these English-language podcasts, the stories of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses with a bang will no longer hold any secrets for you. Guillaume Moubeche's guests all have one thing in common - they are bootstrappers, meaning that they all started their startups with no money, or with minimal money. They tell the story of the highs and lows of their unique entrepreneurial journey in a frank and transparent way. 

Notable guests: Nathan Barry founder of ConverKit, Nathalie Lussier founder of AccessAlly, Rob Walling CEO of TinySeed... 

Frequency: weekly  

Duration: about 1 hour 

Founder: Guillaume Moubeche, founder of Lemlist, whose mission is to help B2B companies create real relationships with their prospects by offering software for personalised cold emailing campaigns in order to obtain a better response rate.

4. Indie Makers (FR) 

Indie Makers is the podcast for French speaking independent entrepreneurs. Martin Donadieu talks weekly with Indies Makers - a person who creates a product independently - about their experience and how they managed with their own resources to finance their project solely with the revenue it generates. Far from the enchanting tales of successful business ideation, Indie Makers deciphers the story of its protagonists, their strategy, their challenges in order to understand how to become profitable while remaining independent. 

Notable guests: André Bastié co-founder of HappyScribe, Maud Alaves founder of the Social Hack Club, Arthur Auboeuf founder of Time for the Planet...

Frequency: weekly

Duration: about 1 hour

Founder: Martin Donadieu first started as a web developer before joining the entrepreneurial ecosystem and then the Indie Markers adventure in order to be completely aligned with the values he shares in his podcasts. 

Podcasts on entrepreneurship in general

While global interest in podcasts and SaaS has skyrocketed, there is also some great advice to be had from more general entrepreneurship podcasts. Karmen has put together a selection of his favourite useful podcasts.

4 podcasts on entrepreneurship to discover
Entrepreneurship Podcasts

5. Generation DIY (FR)

Génération DIY captivates all those who are passionate about entrepreneurship by the diversity and multitude of subjects covered. Every Sunday, Matthieu Stefani welcomes entrepreneurs, sportsmen, artists and all those who build and have built themselves, during an authentic interview. The podcast explores the recipe for their success, their tools, their advice and other anecdotes to bring us into their daily lives.

Notable guests: Paul Morlet founder of Lunettes Pour Tous, Julia Bijaoui co-founder of Frichti, Marc Simoncini founder of Meetic...

Frequency: weekly

Duration: 1 to 2 hours approximately 

Founder: Founder and CEO of the digital agency CosaVostra and of the startup studio Padrino.io, Matthieu Stefani is a multi-recidivist startup-upper with a passion for entrepreneurship. 

6. Inside the head of a CEO (FR)

Dans la tête d'un CEO is a podcast created by Jean-Charles Kurdali and produced by Yacine Sqalli and the BabyVC community. Every other Monday, Yacine Sqalli offers an interview with the CEO of a French startup. Starting with concrete questions such as how to recruit your first employees, how to open a new market or how to create a strong company culture, these CEOs share their experience, their vision of their daily work and the obstacles they encounter. Good lessons to be learned, whether in times of strong growth or in times of crisis. 

Notable guests: Raphaël Vullierme CEO of Luko, Jérémy Clédat CEO of Welcome To The Jungle, Alexandre Prot CEO of Qonto... Recently, Gabriel Thierry, co-founder and CEO of Karmen, gave some advice from his personal experience as a young entrepreneur!

Frequency: every 15 days (Monday)

Duration: 40min approx.

Founder: Jean-Charles Kurdali has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Both a business and personal coach for entrepreneurs, he accompanies small and medium-sized business managers, startup CEOs, solopreneurs... Yacine Sqalli first worked in the VC world before returning to the startup world at Mooncard as International Sales Ops. Fellow alumni of the Baby Vc community, he invites his fellow entrepreneurs to take the microphone of Dans la tête d'un CEO.  

7. La Galère (FR)

La Galère is a podcast from the Parisian innovation studio Start The F*** up. At La Galère, we don't talk about huge fundraising or double-digit growth. La Galère transparently highlights the wanderings of the beginning and the resourcefulness in all its forms. This podcast evokes the galley in all its variations, a galley that makes the difference between the success and failure of a startup. It's rare to find entrepreneurs who open up, honestly look back on their mistakes and draw the consequences. So let's take advantage of it. 

Notable guests: Charles Thomas founder of Comet, Grégoire Gambatto of Germinal, Bertrand Jelensperger of La Fourchette...

Frequency: every 15 days 

Duration: 1 to 2 hours approximately 

Founder: Start the F*** up is an all-entrepreneur innovation studio founded by David Baruchel, Michaël Coenca and David Flak. 

8. GrowthMakers

GrowthMakers is the podcast to listen to in order to accelerate your business. Every week, Gabriel Gourovitch interviews French growth and marketing talents from the best startups such as Uber, N26 or Intercom, about growth techniques, their strategies, methods and tools used to grow their company. During top time interviews where no one rambles, his guests get straight to the point by answering questions that are always sharp and relevant on team structuring or process optimisation.

Notable guests: Alexis Marcadet co-founder of Revolte and ex-growth of Cityscoot, Pierre Lion VP Growth at MangoPay, Armand Thiberge CEO of SendinBlue

Frequency: every 15 days (Wednesday)

Duration: 45min approx.

Founder: An entrepreneur at heart, Gabriel Gourovitch started out as a growth marketer. He later founded Bryte, a collective of freelance marketing directors, head of growth and lead gen directors, and GrowthMakers. He now presents two podcasts: Growth Makers (on growth techniques) and In the Arena (on sales techniques). 


Whether you're having coffee, on the metro or in between meetings, these 8 behind-the-scenes stories about SaaS and entrepreneurship are sure to be a hit with you. 

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